Triumph of the Weeds

Garden Update- April 2009
May 2, 2009, 7:27 pm
Filed under: food, garden

Yes, it’s May already, I know. But I took these pictures at the beginning of April and the time got away from me. Everything seems to be doing rather well, but I’m still holding my breath. Also, I discovered this platform of sorts below the porch, so I moved my plants there because it seemed like that’s what all my neighbors were doing.

Lemon Thyme- there’s been some nice growth already. I’m expecting it to start growing gangbusters once now that spring is here.

Greek Oregano- again, there’s been some good growth. Anticipating a lot more in the coming months.

Garlic. I planted 4 cloves and three sprouted. Not bad. I then transplanted them to this larger container.

Chandler Strawberries. Got these at the Farmer’s Market. There’s actually three plants in here, but I only have a limited amount of pots (which I got from Craigslist and other assorted places), so I’m keeping them together for now. I’m tentatively planning on separating them next year to let them grow some more. That strawberry you see ripened the day or so after I bought the plants. Tasty.

Tomato. My roommate got me this for my birthday. She works in a greenhouse and is apparently sick to death of tomato plant so she thought of me when there were plants not being used anymore. She has no idea what variety it is. Possibly a Money Maker? If anyone has an idea, please leave a comment. Also, I’m going to have to figure out the best way to handle tomatoes if/when they do ripen, since I don’t like raw tomatoes, only cooked or in sauce.


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