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Long Time, No Post
January 4, 2009, 4:40 pm
Filed under: energy, general

Long time, no post. That’s mostly because of real life busy-ness; since the last time I’ve posted, I’ve moved out of my apartment and into a townhouse with 2 other girls. The price (less than half of what I was paying previously) makes the move totally worth it, though on the minus side, my roommates are not nearly as eco-conscious as I am.

If it were up to me, I would turn the heat way down to 55 (part of the rental agreement involves not turning it off entirely), while my roommates had it set to 72. I was sneaky though, and before they came back after going away for Christmas and New Year’s I turned it down to 65. Hopefully, they won’t notice and we can can save some energy and some money.

Since I share a bathroom with one roommate, I’m not able to conserve water by not flushing if it’s “mellow.” My roommates also have to habit of leaving fans and lights on after they are done using them. I’ve walked downstairs in the morning quite a few times to find all the lights on; I think I finally understand what my father must have felt all those times he scolded me for wasting energy when I was little. I’ve also tried to keep track of my utility use, but that is difficult because I can only average the usage rates and it’s difficult to tease apart who’s using how much. On the first electricity bill, the average kwhr usage was higher than the amount I used before I started paying so much attention to my energy usage. Of course I shouldn’t make too many comparisons, because so many factors are different. Here’s to hoping that I’ll have a positive influence and our utility usages will drop eventually.

Many more posts to come soon, I hope, including posts about food, Christmas, and gardening.


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