Triumph of the Weeds

Current State of My Kitchen
January 4, 2009, 10:09 pm
Filed under: food

My new priorities when choosing food to buy and eat are: 1) it tastes good/I like it, 2) it’s unprocessed, 3) it’s organic and/or local (this one’s often a toss up), and 4) it’s cheap. I’m trying to move away from the nutritionism mentality (which is kind of hard since you still hear about fears about calories and carbohydrates and fats everywhere).

*As the staples in my pantry have run out, I’ve replaced them with organic versions and less processed versions if applicable. For example, I’ve replaced white sugar with evaporated cane juice, regular salt with sea salt, garlic powder with fresh garlic, margarine with butter, and so forth. I’ve stocked up beans, rice, whole wheat flour, and polenta in small quantities to serve as a based for most meals. I’ve gotten rid of all the prepared meals and nearly all the ready made mixes.
*I’ve started tracking the amount of food I buy in order to make it easier to stock up in the future, buy in bulk without over buying, and plan for gardening.
*I’ve started doing more cooking and reduced the amount of eating out that I do.
*Most of my meals now consist of some combination of rice, beans, bread, polenta, fruits, vegetables, eggs, and milk with assorted sauces and spices.
*I’ve learned how to cook with dried beans, tofu, and eggplant. I’ve also learned how to make yogurt and I’ve started baking bread with my new bread maker.

Future goals:
*Try new foods, particularly various grains, various greens, and various root vegetables
*Try different varieties of foods.
*Find alternatives to prepared foods that I’m fond of: Ghiradelli’s brownie mix, Bisquick, Zatarain’s Cajun rice mixes, Stoffer’s veggie lasagna, and Jyoti’s canned dishes.
*Set up a root cellar.
*Develop list of staples and keep kitchen stocked with them
*Continue to explore new recipes.
*Integrate pasture raised meat into my diet.
*Learn food storage techniques, particularly dehydrating and canning.
*Get better at meal planning and big batch cooking
*Learn how to make tortillas, naan, pita, and crackers from scratch.
*Learn how to make tofu.
*Learn how to make cheese and butter from scratch.
*Learn how to make tomato sauce and salsa
*Learn how to make mayonnaise
*Become involved in the Slow Food movement (which is devoted to many of the guidelines Pollan advocates), build relationships with local farmers, and possibly join a CSA.
*Learn how to hunt and butcher
*Learn how to forage (and try foraged foods)
*Learn how to garden


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